I Like That You Are Love Sick – Not For Me… by Marina Cvetayeva and Michail Tariverdiev, English by Vesper Lynd

I like that you are love sick not for me

I like that I am crushing not on You

And that the World will never disagree

When we will walk that same old avenue




I like to act irrational and rave

Be dressed absurd

Go easy on my word

And not to blush as if in heat wave

When you are saying things I’ve never heard




I like it also that I take it well

To see your arms around another woman

And you will have no fury great as hell

If I will kiss not you, but other human




That you don’t mention my divine sweet name

At all through all the time I knew you…

That never ever in a church a wedding fame

Will scream for us the sacred “Hallelujah!”…


PartTime love


So thank you with my heart and with my hand

That you’ve agreed to take my weakness for the kindness

That awesome one night stand

For rare dates

That followed

For sunshine that is not too bright to blind us


That you are sore and love sick, but not for me

That I am obsessed and crushing not on You…



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