The Star Called The Sunshine by Victor Tsoi, English by Vesper Lynd

The star called Sunshine.31


White snow, grey ice

On the mud cracks of the ground decay




Like a quilt is the city upon it

Stuck in the rope of the freeway


The star called Sunshine.57


Empty clouds all over the town

Overshadowing the light from the sky




And the yellow smoke is coming down

On the town that’s two thousand years high


The star called Sunshine.47


That went on under the light of the star

Called the Sunshine


The star called Sunshine.36


Two thousand years – high at war

The war without any reason or the theme


The star called Sunshine.42


The war is the business of the young


The star called Sunshine.44


Ultimate cure of saggy skin


The star called Sunshine.6


Deep red,

Deep red blood


The star called Sunshine.24


Is simply the soil in an hour


The star called Sunshine.21


In two hours it has grass and flowers


The star called Sunshine.22


In three hours it bears the fruit of glory and the power

And it’s warmed up with the tender rays of the star

Called the Sunshine


The star called Sunshine.29


And forever since when it had begun

The cruel Fate loves the one who lives


The star called Sunshine.55


By the law that never forgives –

The one who will die young


The star called Sunshine.39


He has none of the simple ”yes” or the simple ”no”

He does not keep track of the ranks


The star called Sunshine.30


He can easily reach for the stars

He will do it for a simple “Thanks!”

And is destined to fall down burnt by the star called the Sunshine


The star called Sunshine.9




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