A Song About Love by Chizh & Co, English by Vesper Lynd

Why don’t I write a song about love?

Why don’t I invent a new style?

Lovely melody and poetry on the stave

For the royalties’ sake – worth my while




My song will be heard by a thousand eyes

My picture will be wanted by a thousand hands


Fans Pic


My sunshine will say to me – very nice!

The lyrics will be mocked by best friends




I will become a brand new Super Star

Lots of money, the toys, fancy car…




You will smile to me happily: “We are big time!”

I will hug you and nod: “Making more than a dime”


My ex will reach out to me: “There you are!”

I will smile and respond : “Good so far!”




Should I write a new love song – for the fans?

But a string came off broken on guitar

And I ran out of paper and … Where are all the pens?

Well then maybe next time,

And now it’s time for bed.





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