My Friend An Artist Once At Night by Konstantin Nikolsky, English by Vesper Lynd

My friend an artist once at night when raindrops fell on the window glass

Was in the mood to draw to me my one and only love


Love story2


I was enchanted, numb and silent and simply stared up above

My love since then had been with me at every road’s overpass


Love story


And time was flowing nice and slow

With not much pain to undergo

When on a lonesome rainy night

My love would dazzle and excite




But years passed and I had seen

The sadness of the same routine

The boring rainy days to fight

And then my love had dimmed its light




My love had dimmed its glowing light, the days are dull with no delight

My love will only stay with me in a moonlight at midnight

The vibrant tones and playful fire no longer shine as an invite

My love is crying out for me but is helpless to re-ignite




The tender colors are withdrawn

The height and depth is also gone

And perfect lines are blurry now –

Detachment portrait anyhow


Vesper Logo21


The love is looking into my eyes

I don’t intend to analyze

A string of dreams is my lifeline

To silence my love’s undermine




Amazing face of inspiration no longer welcomes with affection

My love is dead while scrounging up for the resurrection

And teardrops of scornful rain are running down the windowpane

My love is hardly heard while walking far away




The rainbow of the days bygone

Is drizzled by the future’s dust

The memories of joy and fun seem overrated, overdone




The image melts upon the glass –

“This too shall pass, this too shall pass”…

How could I even try to bring

The joy of love again to sing?




Or maybe I should break the window

And open up a different world

Where sunlit drawings rule the days

Of every artist anyways…




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