‘A Word From A Father To A Son’ by Michail Zhvanetsky. English by Vesper Lynd.

…”When you will have a son, try to be careful. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to, but they are always different.

Me and you.

You and him.

You won’t be able to control him.

The first person who is completely dependent on you but you can’t control him.

This must be where difference between people lays.

This is impossible to live with.

You have an urge to punish, force to do as you want.

You could make him do it, but it’s better if he will – as you had – find his own path.

But basic knowledge – spelling, mathematics, conducting himself among people – he ought to be able to phrase.

First of all, what does he want from them and what can he give in return.

Just so that either to ‘demand’ or to ‘submit’.

Education helps to bear humiliation”.  (Applause)



“… Education helps to endure torture. Education earns respect in jail.”

“A rich man simply observes what he receives.

An educated person compares what he sees with something within himself and does not require anything in excess of that.”

“It is easier for an educated person to understand his counterpart.

An educated human will understand an uneducated human. Uneducated human will not understand educated human, my son”.

“Remember how we discussed with you that education is phrasing something of your own based on what you’ve read.

Even inexact citing is already something of your own under a different name”.

(Loud laughter)

“May your son will be educated.  A degree has nothing to do with it”.



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