‘Oh My Dear Lady Doesn’t It Appear’/ Duet of Emil, the Innkeeper and Emilia, the Staff Fairy from “The Ordinary Miracle”, English lyrics by Vesper Lynd

– Oh my dear lady doesn’t it appear

That the weather is so gorgeous – rare treat…?

– If I may I would dare say

It is truly a lovely day

And the weather is unusually sweet…




– Oh my dear lady why it just so happens

That this evening is enchanted with surprise?

– Well I think it’s just because –

Hard to say without a pause…

But it may be the lovely sparkle in your eyes




– Oh, my dear lady when we are together

All the flowers seem to blossom in the mead

– I will say my dear Sir

It just so happens to occur

That the flowers make this evening feel complete




Oh how pleasant and amusing

That you seem to like me so!

Well, and you are the one that I am choosing…

And so be it! O-o-o!


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