A Small Group of Friends by ‘Krug’, English by Vesper Lynd

Getting late… on a gloomy day

Sad and lonely is the place where I stay

All is quiet and I can hear

Only the night and the silence play

And so ask my friends to come

To spend with me this evening time

I want to see the people I used to love

For the longest time


Soon I will watch this sad empty place to come back alive

Voices will ring out loud as my friends arrive

Loneliness, emptiness sadness no longer will settle by

We survive and strive

The pale diming lights of the night will give in to the morning light

The demons of darkness will vanish they won’t put up another fight

The dark lonely night will be gone far away far out of sight

And we will feel alright


Let the day be summer long

Let the healing words be strong

Stop the cold from reaching through

That is all that we can do


And so I call my dear friends

My dear friends to be my guests

I will be calling everyone I love,

For the longest time…

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